Who is Behind All This

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been interested in photography for over ten years.
Mainly, I have had works that include landscape and real-life human stories.
My works have been awarded and demonstrated in either domestic or international competitions.
I have been using drones to take videos for the last four years and working on it. To sum up, I am trying to do visual storytelling.
These days, with developing blockchain technology, I have begun working on NFTs. You can access my works on related websites and platforms.
If you wish to deliver a message to me, you can contact me in these ways.

Topics I’ve Been Working On

Human Stories Photography

I love people and stories about people have always excited me. I love working in this field.


I started to feel that I had difficulty in explaining some subjects with photography, video helped me in this regard, now I can tell some of my stories more easily with video.

Landscape Photography

Do you realize how wonderful this world we live in is? I managed to see some of it and save it

World Of NFT

I have tried to evaluate the visuals I have created so far in various ways, but the reality of NFt, which has entered our lives now, has completely changed it, I am trying to be in this world, my works have taken their place on various platforms.

Drone Photography

Have you ever wondered what a bird sees while flying, I was very curious, now I can see like them and record different images

Get in Touch with Me

You can contact me through my contacts below and ask your cooperation and questions, you can also follow me on my social media accounts.

İstanbul  / Türkiye