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Who is Behind All This

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been interested in photography for over ten years.
Mainly, I have had works that include landscape and real-life human stories.
My works have been awarded and demonstrated in either domestic or international competitions.
I have been using drones to take videos for the last four years and working on it. To sum up, I am trying to do visual storytelling.
These days, with developing blockchain technology, I have begun working on NFTs. You can access my works on related websites and platforms.
If you wish to deliver a message to me, you can contact me in these ways.

My Services

Lanscape Photography

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Fashion Photography

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Human Stories Photography

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Jewelery Photography

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Food Photography

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Drink Photography

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Get in Touch with Me

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Moon Street Light Avenue
14/05 Jupiter, JP 80630

00 (123) 456 78 90
00 (987) 654 32 10

00 (123) 456 78 90
00 (987) 654 32 10

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